Join as a Volunteer Healer

We are a network of more than 650 Reiki, Spiritual, Prayer, and Psychic healers, from more than 50 countries but people come and go so we are always looking for new recruits.

We accept healing requests from anyone with access to email or our website. Our Healing Request Page (People) and Healing Request Page (Pets) are reached via our website with links and copies at a number of other sites. The requests come in steadily from around the world. Typically, each healer handles one request per week. With 200 or so cases a week, this means that each request is handled by 2 or 3 healers, perhaps more.

If you are a Reiki practitioner, a Spiritual Healer, a Psychic Healer, or the Leader of a Healing Prayer Group (of any denomination), have experience in Distant Healing, and would like to join our roster of Volunteer Healers we shall be happy to welcome you.

Each new volunteer is assigned to a Healing Group whose leader disseminates the cases, usually one per week to each volunteer. Please be sure that your mailbox has sufficient space as it is difficult for the Group Leader to get your cases to you if your mail is returned. In case of communication problems, we ask everyone to provide a backup email address, preferably with a different provider.

Because you will be using your computer to handle the personal information of others as well as the email addresses of DHN Members and those requesting our help, we ask that you ensure your computer has a properly configured firewall and an appropriate, up-to-date anti-virus program working.

The Distant Healing Network strives to set the highest standards of integrity. Before volunteering, please read carefully the conditions set out below which apply to all our volunteer healers, no matter what their modality or experience.

Please, check out our Privacy Policy here.

As a member of The Distant Healing Network, you agree to:

  • Accept one, or more, healing requests each week, to be dealt with in your own way during that week.
  • Regularly keep in contact with your Group Leader, to let them know that you are receiving requests.
    • We suggest once a month as a minimum. Only in this way can we be sure that healing requests are getting through and are being acted upon.
  • Notify your Group Leader when you will not be able to accept requests so that they can be dealt with by another volunteer.
  • Do not diagnose or recommend treatment to people requesting healing from The-DHN.
    • This is important since we are not medical practitioners.
  • Do not pass judgment on the condition of someone requesting healing from The-DHN.
    • We all have different beliefs and The-DHN is not here to promote any particular belief system.
  • Agree not to accept any monetary reward for healings done through The-DHN.
    • This includes the promotion of any commercial activity
Volunteering involves acceptance of the above six points.

If you are comfortable with these standards, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Join NOW by completing our New Volunteer Form.

If you prefer working with animals you can join The-DHN-4-Pets NOW by completing our Pets New Volunteer Form.

You can, of course, do both, but please complete only our New Volunteer Form and indicate your wishes in the “Comments” section.