Privacy Policy

The-DHN handles personal information from a variety of sources. We hold information about Volunteer Healers, those requesting our help, and those for whom our help is requested. Such information is disseminated to our volunteers only on a “need-to-know” basis. Because our members are spread across the world we cannot guarantee that information passed to us will be held on secure computers. However, we do encourage all our volunteers to adopt methods that will keep their machines safe from unwanted intrusion.

Volunteer Healers:

We ask them to provide a name, which may be a pseudonym, their healing method, and a contact e-mail address. Further information concerning their location and a backup e-mail address is only necessary so that we can keep in contact when principal e-mail connections fail.

Those Requesting Our Help:

When filling in the appropriate Request Form we ask for a name and a contact e-mail address but this is not obligatory. It just helps us to know that requests are legitimate and we can follow up on the requests made of us.

Those for Whom Our Help is Requested:

Whilst many requests are made by the person seeking our help, many are made on behalf of those unable to contact us directly. A name, location and approximate age as well as the condition requiring attention is what we ask. Without this information, there isn’t much point requesting our help. We do prefer that those on whose behalf requests are made know that our assistance has been requested.

Computers that hold personal details are required to comply with data protection laws in the country where the computer is located. 

We value our own privacy and respect the right of all to maintain theirs. We treat all personal information with confidentiality. Under no circumstances do we knowingly pass any personal information to anyone outside The Distant Healing Network. Please, check out our Privacy Policy here.